FungFitz is a Hong Kong-based jewelry brand founded by Jacqueline Fung, an architect by training. With a passion for design and a background in architecture, Fung brings a fresh perspective to the world of jewelry. Her designs embody a unique blend of architectural precision and artistic expression.

As a Cornell University graduate in architecture, Fung has honed her design skills through various projects, including the prestigious Hong Kong International Airport and commissions for private residences. Her technical expertise is evident in the meticulous craftsmanship and distinctive forms of her jewelry.

Inspired by her experience in the film industry, Fung draws inspiration from the creative realm of cinema, storytelling, and stylistic motifs. Her background in film offers a unique perspective in the presentations of her designs through various media, making the experience of FungFitz jewelry truly one-of-a-kind.

Music holds a special place in Fung's heart, and she infuses her creations with her passion for music. This creative synergy forms an integral part of her design process. Fung's spouse, a media professional, musician, and DJ, inspires part of the brand name "FungFitz".

FungFitz's inaugural collection Adapt, Evolve was launched in October 2023. This collection showcases jewelry that seamlessly adapts to the wearer's evolving lifestyle, capturing the spirit of agility in both function and design. Understanding the diverse needs of individuals at different stages of life and juggling multiple roles, FungFitz approached this collection from a utilitarian perspective. Adapt, Evolve offers multifunctional and adaptable pieces that provide versatility without compromising elegance and sensuality.

FungFitz's ultimate goal is to create timeless designs that inspire creativity and playful self-expression in those who wear them. The brand's commitment to design, craftsmanship, innovation, and functionality sets it apart as a distinct designer jewelry brand in Hong Kong.